physiotherapyAt some point in life we all end up running across a physical problem that infringes on living the life we want – a pain, persistent ache, headache, plantar fasciitis Sydney or an injury – but excellent drug free treatment can come from physiotherapy right from your local backyard. Local Care For Local People Looking for a local physiotherapist’s office, which not only means convenience and a quick trip for you, but also the confidence in knowing we are treating our neighbours. We are committed to treating each person as an individual, customizing our treatment plans each time. Physiotherapists & Podiatrists Physiotherapists and Podiatrists are health care professionals who have trained in a university to understand the body’s inner workings and how to use different physiotherapy methods. Their focus is on the patient, treating a range of conditions such as heel spurs Sydney, heel pain and bunions in Sydney. The Uses Of Physiotherapy & Orthotics Physiotherapy and custom orthotics in Sydney’s Northern Beaches are both ways to cease pains and aches, improve flexibility, increase range of motion, and many other benefits, without the use of pharmaceuticals. It is a holistic way to approach caring for the human body that treats the cause of the problem, be it with mobility therapy, acupuncture, bunion surgery Sydney or another method, or one that finds ways to make improvements in your everyday lifestyle that will have you feeling better and functioning pain free. Our Services Our clinic’s services are divided into general sports physiotherapy (hands on techniques, equipment based, or education), sports physiotherapy, orthotics in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, clinical pilates, and acupuncture or dry needling. We use these techniques to address problems like headaches, strains, sprains, pains in the neck, shoulders, or back, and injuries out on the sports field or at work. If you have been in an accident and now have whiplash, are suffering from TMJ pain, or feel pains that require acupuncture then our is your caring health care solution.
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