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The Benefits of Random Drug Testing For My Employees

benefits-of-random-drug-testing-employeeWhen I started as a police officer, the training program included a drug-testing policy that was implemented after an outbreak of drug crimes in my department. Prior to that, my officers were only required to perform drug screening at the scene of drug crimes and at drug testing centres in nashville. The new policy made me extremely happy, but it also raised some legal implications of drug testing that I needed to address. My goal was to reduce crime and keep my staff members safe. I also did not want to take the chance of someone taking drugs and getting arrested while on duty. Therefore, it was important for me to determine if the policy I implemented was constitutional.

According to a recent study by the American Psychological Association, nine states and the District of Columbia already have laws allowing random drug testing. Twenty-nine states currently have laws that require employers to perform drug tests, even if the employee is not under investigation. The states that currently have laws allow employers to perform random drug testing as a part of their criminal background check policy, or as part of the pre-employment process. The remaining states have not considered enacting these policies. According to the APA, this is largely due to the fact that there are still concerns about some of the benefits and costs of drug testing.

The most obvious benefit of random drug testing is its ability to identify potential drug users. There are two schools of thought on whether this is a benefit or not. Proponents argue that it helps identify potential drug users, and prevents employers from discriminating against those people. Opponents argue that drug testing can result in false positives and drug users will be able to beat their test and get a job. In short, this debate rages on.

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The benefits of random testing for employees are varied. The most obvious would be that drug users who try to mask their drug use may be caught in the sweep of random drug testing. This would obviously be a huge benefit to drug users and could serve to save the employers from expensive lawsuits related to discrimination and harassment. The cost savings to small businesses can also be quite substantial.

Perhaps the largest and most obvious of all the benefits of drug testing is that it lets employers know if they have an employee who has been abusing drugs. The fact that drug testing can catch and isolate certain individuals who may have been abusing controlled substances greatly reduces the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals during routine operations at work. It also helps to know if someone who is pregnant is using drugs. You can order a prenatal paternity test nashville quite easily on the internet. This means that the costs associated with substance abuse can be substantially reduced and possibly even eliminated. While drug testing has not always been the standard practice, more employers are considering it now than ever before.

The benefits of drug testing really do outweigh its disadvantages. It helps employers learn more about their employees-who they are, how they behave when under stress, and whether or not they abuse substances-before they make important business decisions. Employers can also ensure that they are taking every step necessary to protect themselves against harmful liabilities. And finally, drug testing can help save lives-and save the company that employs the drug dependent employees as much money over the long term as it would if they kept them on the job under constant supervision. It can prevent std testing service in nashville as well, as drugs are usually linked to STDs. While random drug testing may not catch every person who is using illicit substances, employers who take the time to perform proper research and choose the most appropriate drug testing method will be better off in the long run.

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