What Services Do Podiatrist Provide?

“What services do a Podiatrist provide?” That is the question that I often receive when I am shopping for a podiatry st ives physician. A good Podiatrist will be honest with you about what services they can perform and can’t perform. The best Podiatrist in my book is the one that can fix my feet without any pain or discomfort. Read this article to find out what services a podiatrist can and cannot perform.



“Can a Podiatrist repair my broken toes?” Most people are quick to say “No”, but a healthy dose of truth is required here. If your toes are broken in such a way that the pain can’t be felt or seen, then most likely the only thing a podiatrist can do is suggest a course of action to alleviate the pain. They may also suggest surgery to correct the issue, but it is not usually covered by insurance as it is considered a “sub-standard” foot surgery.


“Can a Podiatrist give me help with my plantar fasciitis?” This is an excellent question and one that should definitely be asked by any person that is suffering from heel pain or any other foot problem. Many times podiatrists can help the person deal with the underlying cause of the problem by prescribing a series of physical therapy exercises that can help to reduce inflammation. However, there is no way to cure plantar fasciitis, only to prevent it from happening.

“Can a podiatrist give me relief from back pain?” This is another excellent question that many people ask their doctors. While back pain can be very painful, it is often caused by poor posture, so it makes sense that a podiatrist can help with this type of problem. There is nothing to stop a doctor from performing invasive surgery if it is truly warranted, so one should make sure that they get a complete medical history and take x-rays on a regular basis to ensure that no bone or joint problems are present.

“How can a podiatrist help me lose weight?” Weight is an issue that affects more than a handful of people in the United States alone, so it is certainly a subject worth asking a podiatric physician about. In most cases, losing weight is an individual issue, but there are some common points of contact between a podiatrist and a person who is trying to lose weight. A good podiatrist will be able to identify persons nutritional needs, which will in turn allow them to prescribe a diet and exercise routine that will promote weight loss without further complications. Some common services that a podiatrist provides include assessment and treatment of kidney stones, knee and hip replacements, orthopedic surgery, and procedures for the correction of cleft lips and palate issues.

As you can see, a podiatrist can provide many services. However, before deciding upon a particular physician, it is important to check out their credentials and reputation. The Internet is a great source for learning more about a specific physician, and it can also be used to identify the kind of services that a particular physician offers. Most reputable podiatrists will have websites that outline all of their services, as well as any pre-authorization requirements that may be required before the procedure. This can be a valuable source of information and can help you make the right decision when it comes to what services podiatrists provide.